Trilok Fusion Arts

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143 Waverly Avenue
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About Us

Trilok Fusion Arts is a non-profit arts organization located in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Trilok in Sanskrit means "three worlds." In Indian mythology the three worlds are heaven, earth & the world beneath the ocean. As artists we consider the three worlds to be the world of the performer, the audience and that abstract space where the performer and the audience meet to achieve a sense of harmony.

TFA's mission has been to bring together community members of varied cultural backgrounds and find a common language in the space of performance and establish global education through arts and sciences. Through multi-cultural programming and fusion of diverse art forms, Trilok aims to preserve tradition while inspiring audiences and students to develop a solid understanding of art and science and a deep appreciation for world cultures.

Trilok educates through hands-on learning experiences to cultivate a new generation of leaders, producers and creators.

TFA’s current activities focus on creating engaging educational programming and activities for children from early childhood through teenage. These programs include TRILOK SCHOOL, which emphasizes the arts and the importance of adopting a multi-cultural perspective in education; Arts-In-Unity program, which offers after-school workshops such as classical Indian dance, music, African drumming, art, and language classes; Trilok Summer Camp, a four week arts camp that culminates in a student designed performance; and public performances.

Trilok Fusion Arts is based on Gandhian philosophy. TFA programs include a focus on environmental conservation, teaching our students about gardening and R-cubed [reduce-reuse-recycle]. Students learn how to go “green” and be conscious of their consumption. Classroom materials come from environmentally sound sources, such as donated toys and recycled art materials. Simplicity is practiced in the classroom by limiting the amount of materials presented to the children at any given time.