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About Us

Futures for Kids is an online initiative that bridges the gap between the hopes and dreams of students and the workforce development needs of NC communities.It has grown out of a need to help students understand the relevance of education to their future and to prepare them for life beyond school.

The current graduation rate in North Carolina is only 68%, and research shows that the primary reason students drop out of high school and college are linked directly to lack of motivation, career direction, and appropriate role models and mentors. F4K:

  • Uses the Internet to help students discover what makes them tick
  • Allows kids to explore careers that match their unique talents
  • Gives every student a career coach to talk to
  • Empowers educators with information about their kids’ career goals
  • Enables businesses to grow their future workforce locally
  • Shows our kids careers that can make them happy

Through F4K both businesses and individuals can make a positive impact on their community in just a few minutes a week. As a Career Coach, you can be an online mentor for students all over North Carolina who are interested in your field of expertise. Businesses, on the other hand, can provide students with information about their company as well as any available programs such as job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships. F4K wants to equip every student with the information and tools necessary to succeed.

Over 12,000 middle and high school students in Wake County are already using F4K to map out their future, and the information you provide could have an enormous impact on their course. If you are interested in volunteering with F4K, just go to www.f4k.org