Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF)

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About Us

SESF is a registered non-profit social organization established in Khandbari in Sankhuwasabha district of eastern Nepal in 1997. SESF aims to create educational opportunities for children in need, particularly girls, from Khandbari and its surrounding districts. Many of the children that we serve have lost their fathers due to either death or imprisonment and their mothers lack the means to care for them independently without external support.

SESF Current Projects:

1. Child Sponsorship Program

SESF's Child Sponsorship Program brings change in the lives of many children in the Sankhuwasabha. Under our program, children receive scholarship for school uniforms, monthly school fees, stationery, medical treatment, etc. Donors can select a child to sponsor. Sponsored children receive education at either a private English boarding school or a government school in Khandbari. Fore more information click here

2. SESF fund raising project.

Under the SESF orphanage support program we have been supporting Child Welfare HomeKhandbari. There are 12 children; 7 boys and 5 girls between the ages of 6 to 15 years. We have been raising fund to support the orphanage.

3.Social Trekking opportunity in Nepal

SESF has established Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST), a nonprofit distributing social trekking company in Khandbari of eastern Nepal. MAST organizes, coordinates and facilitates community-friendly social trekking adventures that helps drive visitors to the district and generate income for the orphanage and the local community. For more information about MAST please click here.

4,SESF Volunteering Program:

SESF welcomes enthusiastic volunteers from around the world, who would are passionate about the children in Sankhuwasabha. Please click here for more information about our volunteering program.