• Utah


180 Broadway
Green River
United States

About Us

Rural & Proud

Epicenter is a nonprofit community design center that works with the town of Green River, Utah (pop. 952). We are committed to creating positive change locally through an intentional design-based practice in order to best fulfill our mission to accentuate Green River’s rural pride and pioneering spirit. At Epicenter, we nurture local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and ideas. We’re dedicated to the town of Green River where we strive to provide local solutions to universal design challenges.

Our Story

In 2009, Epicenter was founded by Auburn University architecture graduates. At that time, the designers worked as AmeriCorps volunteers for the local community center through which the trio purchased an historic building, renovated the structure, and redesigned the space. Today from that building, we remain dedicated to our original mission.

Epicenter is part of the larger effort to create positive change in Green River, and works closely with the local groups and individuals.