Summit Adventure

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54055 North Shore Rd
Bass Lake
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About Us

Summit Adventure's mission is "To facilitate transformational learning that strengthens relationships, deepens faith, and builds compassion through Christ-centered outdoor adventure, service, and experiential education."

Summit Adventure has a unique perspective on transformational learning composed of:

» Outdoor Adventure

We believe that outdoor experiences pose a unique way to learn about relationships with God and others, simplicity and stewardship, service and selflessness, and leadership and courage.

» Service

We see service as a medium for learning more about relationships with God and others. We want to grow with our students in an attitude of service to those around us including family relationships.

» Experiential Education

Adventure and service include perceived risk. Risk is a tool that empowers people to move out of their comfort zones. Summit Adventure has a unique semester program that fills a niche like no other current alternative semester for college students.