Terre de la jeunesse culturelle du TOGO

About Us


The mission of TJC is to support sustainable development as a priority at the national, regional and global levels, is also to educate, empower, and support the youth of Togo in order to involve them in the sustainable development process.

Activities: We have been active in the process towards the workshop on solid waste, health and millennium development goal organized by CWG-WASH in India at KOLKATA. We are active in various fields such environmental education, culture, agro-forestry, biodiversity(GMO), climate change, pesticide sustainable disposal, youth employment, community service, international summer youth camps, international workshops, ICTs, tree planting, AIDS awareness campaigns, publication of Eco-jeunesse(a TJC monthly News letter)... All this is done on a volunteer basis. The staff is not paid.

Past and Ongoing Projects Promotion of ITC Clean-up activities in public places Summer youth camps Public AIDS Awareness and Education campaigns Public Education on Genetically Modified Organisms and Climate Change Capicity Building for grassroots organizations Earth Day Activities in Lomé, Togo (April 22) Tree-planting, education on TV and radio on environmental issues- parades- health projects, educational conferences - television and radio programs. Water Day Activities in Lomé, Togo (March 22) Peace day September 21st International Volunteer Day (December 5th) Promotion of ecological products to replace the use of DDT in the fight against malaria Support measure-environment education and training information . Empowerment of women Education for developpement Childhood disability Child protection(street children, children in armed conflict, working children etc..) Conflict resolution Culture of Peace and Non-violence.