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About Us

ProjectVolunteering is a framework for non profit programs as well as a house for projects that share that framework. Our work is thus directed both towards establishing a general framework and to particular programs. For the general framework we try to identify the best practices that should govern ong programs on several levels: principles of human relations like trust, of project management as transparency and documenting, how to use and make use of resources and how to go about specific targets-both quantitative and mostly qualitatively. Particular programs arise naturally from the framework but also inform it at the same time.

For example 'Documenting projects' starts as a collection of projects organized with the purpose to generate similar project and evaluate the long term effects,

The Permanent Hospitality House attempts to organize a stable place bringing together and keeping knowledge and skills of travelers without limiting movement at the same time.

Pomegranate cultivates new educational paradigmes with a view to seed more curiosity, empaty and creativity for a more beautiful world.

The essence of the whole project is that it changes with the people involved following their interests. This is why it is more meaningful to get involved and actually write a part of the description for the project rather then sign up for an already shaped task. People involved in the project also have strong will and initiative while also valuing the group. This very description emerged as a dialogue with the people currently involved and it may change in future talks while preserving the open quality.