Queens College Speech Society

  • New York

About Us

I am starting a new team called the Queens College Speech Society - a brand-new academic team focused on public speaking, acting, and forensics (speech and debate) events. The team is looking for experienced people with public speaking, forensics (Competitive Speech and Debate), and drama/acting advisers who are willing to donate their time in getting the team prepared for a busy tournament season ahead. More specifically, the QCSS is looking for "coaches" that could assist the team in providing constructive feedback in delivery, diction, overall presentation, and topic selections throughout the academic year. I know that this might be a lot to ask, but even a small contribution will help in a big way! Just think of it, Queens College hasn't had an active speech team in over 30 years, but now you can help change that! If you - or anyone with public speaking, debate, or drama/acting experience - are interested in participating within this exciting new endeavor, then please do not hesitate to contact me. We need as much help we get especially when we're preparing for our first tournament in October. Lastly, I want to also mention that the team will not only be dedicated to competing within tournaments. Hopefully, the team will seek ways to contribute to the forensics and the Queens College academic community by hosting future speech/debate tournaments at QC, bake sales, and community service endeavors that empower others to serve, grow, and succeed at this wonderful college. This will be a team not measured by the number of trophies or medals won - but rather - the team will be one that will be measured by the number of hearts, minds, and lives that we can touch. We're in for an exhilirating new journey and I am confident that we will succeed in our mission of bringing this exciting new program into fruition. I encourage you to visit our website here to find more about who we are and what we will be doing. 


-Randy Perez