Bridgeport Area Youth Ministry, Inc

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506 Logan Street
United States

About Us

The Bridgeport Area Youth Ministry, Inc. (BAYM) is a non-profit youth organization established in 1990. Our mission is to provide a safe environment for urban young people to develop life and work skills. BAYM's activities are aimed at building positive character as well as igniting an entrepreneurial spirit. BAYM offers an alternative approach to traditional programs for our next generation of workers-- Bridgeport's youth-- and gives them reasons to stay in Bridgeport, to work in Bridgeport, and to be responsible citizens.

The focal point of BAYM's work is The Industrial Youth Center Project located at Connecticut Avenue and Logan Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut. BAYM's unique programs are designed to enable inner-city teenagers to discover their talents, and exercise them in a real business setting.

BAYM's Computer Genesis program is an inter-disciplinary technology training program for teenagers. Young people learn all aspects of PC technology from repair and manufacturing to network administration and customer service.