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About Us

LEAPNOWoffers two alternative years of college with international travel & study, focus on the whole human being, 6,100+ ways to travel, study & work in 126 countries, and academic credit through real experience.

We provide students with access to thousands of diverse international and domestic learning experiences in 126 countries, and offer transformational teachings that give students the opportunity to empower themselves to “be the change that you wish to see in the world (Gandhi).” Cultural immersion, study abroadand work abroad are our main vehicles for learning about ourselves and the world. Intense work and study experiences abroad are complemented with contemplative learning retreats at our northern California campus that serve to teach students how to wholeheartedly participate in the world and live passionately without leaving any parts of themselves out - mind, body, spirit, soul, emotion, etc. We call this way of learning, “Transforming Education.”