MIFACIG-Resource Center (Twantoh Mixed Farming Common Initiative Group)

About Us

MIFACIG’s mission is to support the development of Agro-forestry by providing trainings. Mission statement is «sharing trees and plants that serve life» thus, a link between the community and natural resources. MIFACIG's goal is to increase food production and to alleviate poverty through the sustainable management of natural resources in rural area. This involves training people to produce valuable planting material while managing resources in a sustainable way.

MIFACIG has three main goals which are closely bounded :

· Food security through increase production and rural poverty alleviation

· Protection and conservation of the environment

· Train farmers and youths on better agricultural techniques

Food security through increase production and rural poverty alleviation

By using the products of planted trees such as fruits, bark, leaves or wood, the farmers will have diversified resources in their own garden while reinforce the food safety of the rural area. Moreover more time is gained of since the trees planted are domesticated, giving them shorter periods before fructification with better crops.

Protection and conservation of the environment

MIFACIG’s area of coverage falls within the Ijim mountain forest. The Ijim forest is a very vulnerable forest and its resources have been over-exploited in the past. Now, local farmers have realized the importance of protecting its natural biodiversity in order to protect very valuable endemic species and to keep the ecosystem safe for flora and fauna (Tauraco bannerman, Platysteira liticincta). The forest is also the watershed for the valley: therefore protecting its vegetative layer is a major issue for farmers of the Belo sub-division. See Kilum-Ijim Project Website

For this reasons farmers have gathered around a common goal therefore creating the Common Initiative Group called: Ijim Tree Farmers´ Union. This union's goal is to develop a sustainable and efficient agriculture while protecting environment and natural resources. MIFACIG as a member of this Organization is helping greatly to make this vision a reality for local communities.

Train farmers and youths on better agricultural techniques

After developing a well structured nursery, and a medicinal plants garden and apiary, it became obvious that trainings was the next priority of MIFACIG: bringing people and youths together, is the channel through which sustainable development can reach farmers as it empowers farmers and young farmers for the future leading them to develop their activities as an enterprise. «Sharing trees and plants that serve life» is really important, but among everything: sharing knowledge that serves life is more of what MIFACIG is presently focused on. As the saying goes “Teach a man to catch a fish.”

Thus MIFACIG has been more and more involved in training farmer groups, thanks to the ICRAF support (link to ICRAF page) and also help youths in developing skills in agriculture through their own garden in school : see garden clubs Motto: sharing trees and plants that serve life