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About Us

The Jonathan D. Rosen Family Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), is committed to providing individuals with the knowledge necessary to make sound financial decisions through its "Wealthy Habits" programs.  This knowledge will improve their lives and ultimately their community.  Without these essential skills, many will be ill-prepared to tackle the difficult economic road ahead.

Wealthy Habits - Personal Finance Made Fun.

Financial habits are formed early. The Wealthy Habits programs give students a competitive edge by teaching them to think differently about making, spending and saving money while also providing them the skills to manage it properly. These lessons ultimately lead to changing the students’ mindset with regards to their future financial success.

Programs for middle school and high school students consist of 12 hours of instruction over a two-day period. Our engaging instructors teach concept through hands on applications that students can relate to. Real life scenarios and physical participation encourages students to listen and engage in conversations about what they know and what they have questions about.

  • Budgeting, Banking, Borrowing
  • Saving Early and Saving Often
  • Making Money and Paying Taxes
  • Debt and Credit
  • Playing the Money Game To Win
  • Developing the Right Money Habits

This is a great opportunity that will have a lasting impact on the lives of students and prepare them for their financial futures. Classes are held year round in the Dunwoody/Perimeter area.

Not only do students enjoy learning about finance, but they leave with a new understanding of what’s important and how they can make a change to increase the chances of future financial success.