The Penikese Island School

  • MA


United States

About Us

The Penikese Island School is a small therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys located on tiny Penikese Island 12 miles SW of Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Penikese's treatment model emphasizes choice and natural consequences rather than coercion, and promotes the formation of a genuine family-sized, self-sufficient, and interdependent community on the island.

Penikese's mission is to prepare struggling boys ages 15-18 to be productive and positive members of their families and communities with the help of graduate aftercare, and to share its experiences and resources with the community at-large.

Philosophically, Penikese strives to promote long-term internal change rather than impose superficial and often temporary conformity. Penikese is a powerful advocate for those who seek change in all aspects of their lives, and dedicates its resources to helping troubled adolescents "get better at what they are not good at."