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About Us

The Center (formerly the Pew Center) is a non-profit, non-partisan, and independent organization dedicated to providing credible information, straight answers, and innovative solutions in the effort to address global climate change. The Center was formed in 1998 with a large grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts and transitioned in November of 2011 to C2ES. The Center strives to inform the debate by publishing reports in the areas of domestic and international policy, economics, environmental impacts, and practical solutions relating to climate change. To facilitate dialogue among business, government, and non-governmental organizations, the Center hosts conferences and workshops on selected topics that have included: the timing of climate change policy, technology policy, and improving the state of the art of the economic modeling of climate change. Finally, C2ES staff participates in meetings on international climate change issues, including the ongoing negotiations on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The Center’s Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC), comprised of major companies representing diverse sectors with a combined $2.8 trillion in market capitalization and over 3.8 million employees, demonstrates leadership in addressing the challenge of global climate change by assessing opportunities for emissions reductions, establishing and meeting emissions reduction objectives, and investing in new, more efficient products, practices and technologies.