Bosh Bosh Inc.

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About Us

             Our Mission is simple.

We educate women and girls so they can help restore their communities and, therefore, Liberia.

Bosh Bosh began as an after-school girls’ club in Salala, Liberia in 2012, led by a Peace Corps Volunteer and her Liberian counterpart to encourage young females to take control of their own lives and graduate. The project was inspired by a trip to Sierra Leone, where Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Charlene Espinoza, decided to have girls produce their own handbags for sale by sewing scraps together. The project literally started from scraps... Sewing classes started with a bag of scraps, some needles, thread, and hand-sewing lessons in the local school library. By June of 2013, Bosh Bosh had opened its own shop and was registered as a Liberian NGO under the name Bosh Bosh Inc. 

The name "Bosh Bosh" came from what Liberians call sewing scraps of fabric together, forming a patchwork design. When the project first started there were no funds to purchase fabrics, therefore, Charlene asked a local tailor to bring his left over pieces of fabric so they could start learning how to make bags from that, resulting in a patchwork design which locals started calling Pashpash. Soon after the project was named "Bosh Bosh". 

Bosh Bosh Inc. currently has 66 members, all ranging from production, management, education and teams, scholars, and market women. 

Bosh Bosh, Inc. is a local NGO in Liberia, West Africa that exists to aid in the development and social welfare of Liberia by educating and empowering rural women and girls. We provide them with vocational training, access to extracurricular educational opportunities, and scholarships for school.

We make and sell products, mainly bags, out of locally sourced materials. Bosh Bosh isn’t simply about creating bags; it’s about transferring skills and empowering girls and women through education. Our organization stands for: free education, vocational training, and the preparation of Liberia’s next generation for a better future through a multitude of development strands.

Bosh Bosh is an organization comprised of Liberians and International volunteers who have substantial experience working in rural Liberia or other rural parts of Africa. The organization has grown extremely quickly over the past 3 1/2 years. Our bags are sold in several of the most popular expatriate venues as well as in two of the most popular hotels in Monrovia. Our products have been worn and supported publicly by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President of Liberia and Africa's first democratically elected female president; Michelle Obama also received a personalized all handmade in Liberia Bosh Bosh bag. Bosh Bosh has taken part in a litany of workshops hosted by NGOs and the Liberian government. 

Bosh Bosh Inc. is bringing constructive change to a battered part of the world by lifting up smart and capable people who want more for their lives and those of their children.  We create expectations for our staff and scholars in order that they can achieve their dreams. We believe that's important in the business of individual development.