oneVillage Foundation




About Us

OneVillage Foundation is a non-profit organization with a support network and offices around the globe, including Silicon Valley, Taipei, Taiwan, and Winneba, Ghana. One Village Foundation works towards the empowerment of impoverished people through Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). Our best known accomplishment has been the installation of a communication center in Ghana, named the Winneba Open Digital Village (WODiV), however many other projects are in operation, including an EcoTour and Farmer's Co-op program.

The overall strategy of OVF Ghana is to develop and promote the rapid replication of ecologically and socially sustainable systems around the world through income generating, social enterprises.

At this moment in Ghana the WODiV offers three invaluable assets to the community: IT training classes, an Internet cafe that generates revenue and an Internet network used by the Police Force and Hospital for training purposes. This Open Digital Village model was pioneered by OVF's founder Joy Tang, and since its implementation in 2007 has been a blessing to the community.