Voluntary Aid & Cultural Integration

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About Us

The organization, Voluntary Aid and Cultural Integration, is based in the Volta Region in the southern part of Ghana, founded in the year 2000. Our team works with local participants for the development of their communities. We operate in five communities in two districts (Akatsi and Ketu south and Ketu north Districts) of the Volta region.

We encourage voluntary work and cultural understanding between people of different countries. Cultural integration and mutual exchange of ideas of people with diverse backgrounds and understanding is a necessary ingredient for growth and development. One of our organization’s major goals is to promote the engagement of Ghanaian youth in the development of their own country. For example, VACI Counselling Project is a unit that engages volunteers in providing career and educational counselling for youth in the Volta Region. Through projects staffed by motivated volunteers, VACI also hopes to educate Ghanaian society on high-impact issues such as drug abuse, health and sexual education, etc.

The organization’s currently proposed and preferred projects fall within the following key areas:

  1. Educational campaigns and educational opportunities
  2. HIV/AIDS awareness
  3. Fighting Drug Abuse
  4. Poverty reduction through building sustainable practices for food security.
  5. Serving as an advocate to stop Child Trafficking.

The organization hopes to work towards building schools to accommodate children in deprived areas of Southern Volta. It is part of our vision that such schools become modern schools for the advancement of community based development, and a complement to the government of Ghana’s effort at making education a fundamental subject of grassroots development. VACI also works to sponsor the education of underprivileged children in the Volta region while helping them to acquire employable skills. As a component part of our project on rural education, computer study centres will be established soon by the organization in one of these communities to serve the information technology needs of the children living in these communities. VACI is concerned with parent education as a means of addressing youth illiteracy.

VACI has a number of developmental projects to be established that need assistance from motivated foreign volunteers. These projects are a part of the organization's goals of community-based development in the Volta region and are the building-blocks of a larger societal vision of rural development in Ghana.


The vision of Voluntary Aid and Cultural Integration is to become a leading partner in promoting socio-economic development in the lives of the vulnerable and also building global cultural integration among all races for a peaceful world.


Our mission is to undertake community development activities through volunteerism and also to create opportunities for cross-culture development.