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About Us

Living Waters Retreats is a non-profit, faith-based, retreat ministry.

Retreats: a time to get away from the pressures of life, a time to rest and be refreshed while working through personal and family issues.

Goal: The goal of Living Waters Retreats is to provide a safe place for healing and the needed strategies that will bring forth the healing.

The goal of Living Waters Retreat is to see hearts healed and families restored through personal ministry and healing retreats. Living Waters Retreats offers various types of retreats designed to meet specific needs. There are three types of retreats that Living Waters offers: Healing the Heart Retreats, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Hope Retreats and Intensive Retreats.

Healing the Heart Retreats focus on restoring the family. Couples on the brink of divorce, dysfunctional families, single parent families, hurting individuals due to other relational hardships among others have all benefited from the Healing the Heart Retreats. These retreats provide tools and resources via teachings that address topics such as unmet needs, past wounds, bitter root judgments, unhealthy defense mechanisms, the need for healthy boundaries and more. Each participant receives one personal counseling session. The rest of the retreat is made up of group sessions and teachings, which include a workbook for the participants to take home.

TBI Hope Retreats are very close to the hearts of the founders of Living Waters Retreats, Lee and Denise Boggs, as they have first hand, personal experience and knowledge regarding the recovery process of a loved one with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). With this acquired knowledge and experience, they now reach out to offer retreats, resources, and ministry to serve the population of those that have survived a TBI and their family members. Participants of a TBI Hope Retreat will receive: Family Support, Workshops, Teachings, Group Sessions and Resources to take back home and implement. Family Support is provided for participants via a Family Support Worker who will be staffed for the duration of the retreat and will provide services such as: Conducting activities with the TBI survivor while the rest of the family is in a workshop, assist the family during family activities as they work to develop and maintain new relationship skills that are taught at the retreat, and lastly, will go over follow up services and set goals with the survivor and family members based upon their presenting needs. The support is focused on helping family members set attainable goals for healthy family communication and interaction with the TBI survivor. The skills and resources needed to build healthy family communication and interactions with the TBI survivor in hopes to promote optimal recovery as a family unit is primarily given via workshops. Workshops have been designed to cover topics such as: Grieving the Loss of Who the Survivor was prior to the TBI, Learning/Accepting Who the Survivor is as a result of the TBI, Restructuring the Family Dynamic and Re-learning Roles, Stages of Development after a TBI, Independent Living Strategies, Embracing Community with a TBI and more. These workshops are designed to meet needs based upon what stage of recovery the survivor and family are presently in. Each workshop will include a workbook, worksheets and/or corresponding resources that tie in with the workshop so that participants can implement the taught strategies in their own home environment.

Lastly, Intensive Retreats have been designed as an additional service for individuals and/or families that need more one on one time or have deeper issues that could not all be addressed in a regular retreat setting. The need for an Intensive Retreat are determined by a counselor or a Living Waters staff member that has evaluated the individual or family and has deemed it necessary to be scheduled. Intensive Retreats will be held specially and specifically for only one individual/family at a time. Participants of an Intensive Retreat will work directly with a licensed clinical counselor throughout the entire retreat day working out the issues that produced the referral.