The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication

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About Us

We are the global leader proactively communicating 21st Century Responsibility (“2.1C”) saving thousands of lives a day (with Responsibility 2.1C),

Internet safety events, edu-tainment and curriculum like the (Cox) National Summit, while valuable are not effective. Why would we as a society want to focus an internet safety program or conversation on cyber bullying and sexting today when they are 4+ year old issues and “tame” compared to other far worse digital diseases that exist today, and on the digital horizon. Reaction is not effective in a digital world!

If a proactive approach is not used to communicate responsibility to our digital generation (young and old) we will continue to fail our youth and generations to follow.

In short, we communicate this (digital) generation’s version of the lesson; “Don’t play with fire or you will get burned” whereby digital technology (not just cell phones and the internet) is today’s fire.

Our organization’s social norm is proactively saving thousands of lives in the US and will ultimately play a major role in changing the way our global community lives, thinks and behaves as we continue to survive in, and depend on this rapidly evolving digital world.

Here are a few links that will provide the overall “gist” of what our nonprofit’s unique mission and message is all about:

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