Fondation Scelles




About Us

Our mission is to act against all forms of sexual exploitation by promoting human dignity and fighting against indifference towards human rights violation.

Created in 1993 by Jean and Jeanne Scelles in Paris, the Scelles foundation is a center of reflection and influence. Our main goals are to: ·To be a European center of research on the subject of human trafficking and prostitution ·To diminish all forms of sexual exploitation through the sensitization of public opinion. ·To influence public leaders in order to help reinforce and adopt legislation dealing with this new forms of delinquency and to control its application. ·To support the action of national and international associations that work in the field.

Sexual Exploitation leads to the physical, psychological and moral destruction of victims: In respect to human rights, to philosophical, ethic and social values, Scelles Foundation promotes the principle that the right means need to be set in place in order to bring public awareness to our citizens. Sexual exploitation can no longer be kept in the dark.