Queer Conscience

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442-D Lorimer St. #150
United States

About Us

Rejecting the recent commodification of LGBT lifestyles, Queer Conscience looks back to early lesbian and gay activists whose political analysis identified linked sources of oppression, even as it seeks to showcase contemporary cultural productions, activism, and academic writing that offer the promise of queering the future. Indeed, the utopian vision of Queer Conscience rests on creative forms of resistance to oppression and hegemony -- forms of resistance that take hold in the imagination and are made concrete in our art, theory, and activism. But rather than seeking a narrow definition, Queer Conscience presents itself as a question, a provocation, a catalyst for dialogue, reflection, analysis, strategizing and action around a host of issues that are of vital importance, not only to LGBT and Queer communities, but to society at large. By queering conventional notions of "conscience" based in religious dogma, patriarchy, and heteronormativity, Queer Conscience anticipates, suggests and seeks to instigate a utopian future.