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About Us

Diagnostics For All's (DFA) mission is to save lives and improve health in the developing world through pioneering technological innovation. Using our elegantly simple and low-cost patterned paper technology to create diagnostic devices, DFA strives to meet the needs of those living in resource-poor regions through several ongoing projects.

DFA is a non-profit enterprise fusing biotechnology and development, dedicated to creating low-cost, easy-to-use, point-of-care diagnostics designed specifically for the 60% of the developing world that lives beyond the reach of urban hospitals and medical infrastructures. Our elegantly simple and inexpensive devices require minimal training to use, practically no sample preparation, and no electricity or additional equipment to process a sample. Results are displayed quickly in an easy-to-read format and all devices are compatible with telemedicine networks.

We support our mission through general public donations, project-specific funding, and philanthropic support. In addition, we seek licensing opportunities for our technology with corporate partners for use in the developed world in order to support and advance our non-profit work within the developing world.

The patterned paper technology that underlies our devices was developed byProfessor George Whitesides and his team at Harvard University. DFA holds an exclusive worldwide license from Harvard for medical and other applications of the technology.