George F. Jefferson Foundation

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PO Box 6382
Jersey City
United States

About Us

The George F. Jefferson Foundation (a.k.a GJeff Foundation) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, dedicated to helping build better futures for inner city children in the Jersey City, NJ area. Our mission strives to create a positive atmosphere that focus’ on education, athletics and also educates the kids on problems they’ll be facing and how to overcome them. The GJeff Foundation started in 2011 with a desire to build places for young adults to showcase their talents. Since then, the GJeff Foundation has grown in a community of families, coaches, educators and students that all share the same drive of uplifting their community and keeping it safe from harm. The GJeff Foundation’s hope for the future is that every life that is touched by this program receives the warmth, care and feeling of family. We imagine a world where children with a love for sports and education can come together on a platform of fun-filled exercise and enjoyable events, to stimulate their mental and physical goals.