MySmallHelp Nepal

About Us

MySmallHelp (MSH) was set up by a group of friends in the UK and Nepal who believe strongly in upholding basic human rights for children. The philosophy of MSH is that if more and more people give their small help, every child will be able to have their basic rights. In January 2007 was registered and shortly after MSH became a registered NGO in Nepal. MSH UK found sponsors and raised funds for MSH Nepal projects in 2007 and became a UK registered charity in April 2008. In its first three and a half years MSH has provided education sponsorship to over 60 children and has built facilities at a school in Nepal, which has affected the lives of hundreds of poor children.

Leander Hollings, founder of MySmallHelp, was living in Peru when devastating floods hit the Cusco region in January 2010. After an appeal for funds to help the flood victims MSH partnered with Peruvian organisations to help distribute emergency aid and developed a medium term plan to develop a sustainable business to help one of the identified communities get back on their feet. This project is now complete and MySmallHelp continues to keep up to date with its success.

One year on, in January 2011, a strategic decision was made to register MSH as an official ‘not-for-profit’ organisation in Peru with Peruvian associates, following Leander’s chance encounter with Lourdes (details and photo can be found later on this document) which identified a need amongst the disabled community in Ollantaytambo. This decision was made to ensure that all funds raised by MySmallHelp Peru are administered in the most effective manner. MySmallHelp became a Peruvian registered charity in March 2011 with a mission to help those living in poverty, or with a disability, access a brighter future primarily through providing access to education and skills training.

The MSH UK registered charity supports the MSH Peru and Nepal projects by finding UK sponsors to pair with identified children in both countries and by raising awareness to attract further support through donations and volunteers. The UK team works with partners to provide administrative support, and legal and accountancy advice.