Caregiver Relief Program

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About Us

The Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County (CGRPBC) began in 1993.  The program developed into a home based medical care giving ministry.  The Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County is a non-profit charitable  organization that assists the caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s disease.

Our program serves the interest of caregivers to aid in preventing caregiver burnout. Statistics show that with the assistance of a program like the CGRBC persons with dementia are able to  remain in their home about one year longer than without support.  With nursing homes costing about $50,000 per year, this is a substantial savings to local, state and federal governments. Many more people enter nursing homes because of caregiver burnout than from disease progression.  National surveys show that the greatest need of caregivers is time for themselves and money to help pay for care.  These dedicated people often risk their own health to care for their loved ones and  frequently suffer from many medical problems.

The Caregiver Relief Program is very vital and a basic necessity! Respite reimbursement is one of our priorities and continues to be a basic need of all caregiving families. Knowing that the  community cares about our caregivers validates their effort at home.

In 2016, we were awarded funding from the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to expand our efforts as one of the only local organizations in the state working toward Dementia & Alzheimer’s education for families and healthcare professionals.  We seek both volunteers and interns as we undergo our 2017 initiatives.