Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services

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About Us

Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services builds stronger communities by providing innovative homeownership opportunities, helping families succeed in homeownership and partnering to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods throughout San Bernardino, Riverside, and East Los Angeles Counties.

Background Information: Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services, Inc. received its tax exempt 501(c)(3) status in 1991 under its original name Neighborhood Partnership of Montclair, Inc. The organization's original mission was to revitalize very low to moderate income neighborhoods in Montclair, primarily through home improvement lending, neighborhood projects and resident leadership.

Organizational Goals: Annual goals have focused on achieving the mission primarily through the delivery of affordable loan products related to homeownership, acquisition and rehabilitation, neighborhood revitalization events, an extensive pre and post purchase education program (including default and home maintenance counseling), and resident leadership activities.

NPHS has assisted more than 2,200 homeowners improve their homes to a safe, livable condition (eliminating many health and safety issues); assisted more than 5000 families achieve their dream of homeownership; educated more than 13,000 families in pre and post-homeownership education issues (financial literacy, homebuyer education, post purchase counseling, default/foreclosure prevention, home maintenance, and, insurance education); conducted more than 110 neighborhood events; and purchased, rehabilitated and sold to first time buyers 120 distressed, vacant, single family properties. In addition, NPHS has assisted more than 750 low income senior homeowners with minor home repair grants.