Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services - Immigration Legal Services

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235 Nicoll Street
2nd Floor
New Haven
United States

About Us

IRIS Immigration Legal Services is an offshoot of IRIS-Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services. The Immigration Legal Services is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals to provide low-cost and pro-bono immigration assistance to indigent immigrants and their families.

The Legal Services office represents immigrants in asylum and immigration court hearings, and also assists immigrants in completing Department of Homeland Security paperwork, registers newly naturalized citizens to vote and conducts civics classes.

IRIS's most commonly serves the following clients: Victims of domestic violence, LGBT asylum seekers, Victims of war or genocide, Men and women who have been persecuted due to race, religion, social group or political opinion in their countries of origin, Foreign crime victims in the US, Immigrant juveniles abandoned by their families, Immigrants detained without family resources.