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About Us

The LEAGUE is a school and web-based system for service learning that builds character and empowers young people to “do good” in their community, the nation, and the world.

The LEAGUE is a group of K-12 schools, where classes and students earn points for thoughtfully “doing good” in various events and service during the year. Students learn about giving, service, responsibility, character and leadership in the classroom and practice it in the community (learning and doing). The LEAGUE makes available on-line innovative teaching resources, plans and activities to teach character education, service learning and civic engagement – all tied to curricular educational objectives. The LEAGUE is in creating a system for students to track their impact and be recognized for their efforts in improving their community. What is unique about The LEAGUE is its organization structure, the quality of its curriculum, the adaptability of its point system, metrics and evaluation tools. The value of The LEAGUE is that it uses a team-based sports theme model to connect with young people, encouraging them to work together for the good of their community.

Learning To Give serves as the curriculum division of The LEAGUE. The curriculum consists of over 1,200 lessons on giving, service, and civic engagement coded to every state’s core curriculum standards. The curriculum reinforces the experience of students participating in LEAGUE events.