Play It On

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About Us

Play It On is an international nonprofit organization that fosters cultural experiences and understanding through sports and facilitates the reusages of sports gear across country borders. The aim is to ensure equal access to sport for every child as it is established in the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Cultural experiences are created through our exchange program which enables European travellers to part take in the recycling process of sports clothes from their own country. Once departing on a travel, to a country in which Play It On has partners, the travellers will be equipped with a set of used sports clothes. When arriving in the country of destination the travellers will be meeting with Play It On's local partners. These partners will then have arranged transportation and a meeting with a local school. In the meeting with this school the travellers will get the chance to visit the school and play a football game with the students wearing their new clothes. Our hope is that this meeting on the football pitch can break down the cultural and language barriers that exist between people and that both the travellers and students will enjoy and grow from the experience.