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About Us


TRUE Mentors' mission is to unearth the excellence of each child in Hoboken through relationships. TRUE stands for True Relationships Unearth Excellence

About Us:

Children in Hoboken face above average levels of crime and poverty. Kids today also face bullying and social pressures that have only increased with the use of social media and technology. TRUE Mentors believes that these negative influences and factors can be combated through TRUE relationships.

Relationships are an important part of everyone's life. From an early age, we have friends and family; then we move to classmates and co-workers. Throughout it all, relationships affect us. At TRUE Mentors, we recognize the value of healthy, strong relationships. Our programs, designed for kids ages 7-17, are designed around these three types of relationships:

  • Mentoring addresses the one to one relationship such as the relationship one has with their best friend. With mentoring, kids are matched one on one with a caring adult mentor who has similar interests.
  • Classes create the opportunity to explore group relationships. So often in life we are part of teams or groups of people where we must navigate multiple viewpoints and be open to new ideas. With our classes, kids have weekly opportunities to work and learn in these relationships.
  • The Teen Internship Program offers teens the opportunity to explore workplace relationships. We don't get to choose who our co-workers are, so this experience with a trusted mentor can be invaluable. Through a paid internship, teens gain experience in the workplace with mentors to guide them.