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About Us



To kick out drug abuse culture in Kenya


To mould drug free society through consistent and awareness campaigns.


Youth against drug abuse initiative (YADAI-KENYA) is a community based organization geared towards eradicating the escalating figures of drug and substance abuse recorded mostly among the productive members of this great nation.

YADAI-KENYA consist mainly of young professionals in various field all with a passion of changing the lives of the youths struggling with the drug menace which has become an issue of international concern or international crisis .

The organization was founded on February 9, 2010 along the corridors of the Mombasa polytechnic university college (MPUC) by third year student pursing a diploma in pharmaceutical technology.

Justus Otieno the brain child behind this project carried basic research on drug abuse among the youth, both in and out of the learning institution before proceeding to the next level that involved consulting the institution authority which bore fruit when YADAI-KENYA was registered as society club in the college.

A year later after college, pioneer and anew members felt there were still loop holes in the club because its impacts was conspicuously present only among the four corners of MPUC yet some lives outside the college were on the hangman’s noose

They saw there was need to find a solution was there was next step, through various for a held with stakeholders and other local institution for the same course, YADAI-KENYA, finally got a nod on 25/5/2011 when it was registered under the society act as a community based organization(CBO)


  • To enhance a drug abuse free society by creating awareness on the effects on drug abuse
  • To assist in provision of professional referral facility to addicted persons
  • To encourage the rehabilitated youths be involved in entrepreneurial activities to boost their livelihoods


Guided by its mission, YADAI-KENYA has been in the fore front of sensitizing the youths on drug abuse related issues

In its capacity as behavior changing organisation, YADAI-KENYA has embraced its responsibility to mobilize the youth to engage in decent enterpreneural activities in the line with the 2015 development goals.

Through this YADAI-KENYA plans to involve many u\youths in the community participation in all matters pertaining to the lives as human beings as spelt out in the bill of right. This is essential because one feels oblige to be accountable to the community affairs only when they realize their worth and rights which is naturally accompanied by responsibility

YADAI-KENYA Is engaged in beehive of activitie4s which include;

  • Open forums
  • Facilitation to institution ie to schools to prevent initiation to drug abuse
  • Community outreaches
  • Exchange programmes
  • Focused group discussion
  • Networking with mother organization

Since HIV/AIDS prevalence continually haunts the globe, YADAI-KENYA also addresses its implication especially among the infected drug users (IDUS) considering its impact to the economy which has suffered numerously over the past few years