Disadvantaged Youth Alliance

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About Us

Disadvantaged Youth Allianceprovides low-income students and parents with assistance and coaching in the college planning and financial aid process in order to greatly increase their odds of attending the college of their dreams.

Today it is harder than ever to get into a 4-year university. It is even more difficult for low-income families. Only 15% of university students come from the bottom 50% of the income distribution in the United States. That means those with money are more likely to attend college than those without

DYAbelieves that everyone should have an equal chance to attend college, based on how hard you work, not on how much money you have. However, getting into college is much more than good grades and a healthy social life. Families are paying top dollars for college counseling for their children, yet low-income families do not have this as an option in their budget. Our goal is to bring college planning services to disadvantaged families so they have the same opportunities as higher income families.