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About Us

Texas Music Partners was organized to partner with schools and educational institutions to include, but not be limited to educating children how to combine creativity, technology, and music through education and performance. 

Texas Music Partners’ mission is two-fold:

1.     Showing elementary and middle school students a creative approach to combining technology and music, to create projects with technology available at home (smart phone). The smart phone is a readily available, powerful tool that already exists in most households, thus eliminating the need to purchase other expensive high tech equipment. Students can use their creativity and technical ability to create fun projects and learn how these projects can turn into careers for the next generation of artists, engineers, software developers, videographers, photographers, producers, etc.


2.     To bring professional musicians into the schools and show students how they work together to create something as exciting as music. Each season will be dedicated to a different style, artist, or theme and introduce the students to the history and evolution of that particular style of music.

Latest Listings

Texas Music Partners is Looking For Volunteers for a November Fundraising Event (Volunteer Opportunity)