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About Us

Refoundry is an innovative startup not-for-profit that trains formerly incarcerated people to repurpose discarded materials into home furnishings and then incubates participants into their own businesses.  

Strategically designed to provide a replicable and scalable model for post-incarceration that can improve efficiencies and outcomes for much less cost, Refoundry has been featured in over a dozen major media (all unsolicited) in its first nine months, and entities in more than 20 cities already have asked Refoundry to bring its model to their communities.  

In February 2016, after completing a successful 9-month pilot, the organization moved into a new workspace in the Brooklyn Navy Yards where it plans to scale its program.  

Based on collaboration, self-reliance and entrepreneurship, the long-term training program generates revenues that can cover of to 70% of the organization's operating costs.

It costs taxpayers $60,000-per-year to house a prisoner in NY State; in NYC the cost is $167,000-per-year.  Refoundry estimates it will cost $35,000 per participant to help them on the road to financial self-reliance.  

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