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About Us

Schools That Can (STC) reimagines education through real-world learning that closes the opportunity and skills gap. We are working to realize the vision of a seamless education to employment (e2e) pathway that ensures traditionally underserved students can fulfill their potential. This field is currently fragmented but crucial to our country's well-being.


As the largest cross-sector network of urban schools in our country, STC breaks through silos so urban schools thrive and students are prepared for postsecondary success. Currently, the STC network reaches more than 175 district, charter, independent, and faith-based schools across 15 cities, collectively serving more than 70,000 students, roughly 80% of whom come from economically disadvantaged households.

STC's programming empowers school leaders, develops teachers, and engages students. Using our recently published Real-World Learning (RWL) Rubric, we support school leaders in assessing their own strengths and learning from peers to drive school-wide change. Our work with teachers provides training, curriculum, and coaching to facilitate RWL within their classrooms. Our programs for students provide community-wide opportunities to participate in RWL, develop in-demand skills, and learning about future pathways