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About Us

FilterPure is an organization with a mission: Manufacture and distribute an improved and inexpensive “point of use” water filtration device which is producible in developing countries. FilterPure is a non-profit organization (U.S. tax-exempt) and is committed to providing safe drinking water to the at risk populations of the developing world.

We use proven low-tech water purification technology that is completely sustainable and effective in developing countries.

Our strategy is to implement local and sustainable enterprises that manufacture and distribute effective and appropriate point of use CPF. FilterPure has developed a program based upon strategies of affordable water filtration, sustainable enterprise, and local education. The program has been designed to be replicated worldwide.

FilterPure began in 2006 in the Dominican Republic, on the island of Hispanola. This project, called AguaPure, ( has distributed more than 25,000 filters to Dominican families, enabling at least 150,000 people to have safe drinking water.

AguaPure has worked alongside organizations such as the Pan American Health Organization and Save the Children to bring higher levels of success in water programs. The AguaPure program has been operating without the support of grant funds for two years, and shows every possibility of being completely sustainable.

In Haiti, Filterpure had a unique opportunity to respond to the needs of the people, with our Dominican factory swiftly able to assist those devastated by the 2010 earthquake. Filterpure was present in Haiti distributing the much needed filters only days after the disaster. During Huricane Sandy, we were able to continue manufacturing and distributing filters in support of recovery efforts

Since that time FilterPure has distributed more than 27,000 filters into areas of most need in Haiti, and have built a facility in Jacmel, with the participation and support of an organization called Wine to Water ( The ceramic water filter factory in Jacmel began production in December of 2010.