Grassroots Rights Advocacy(GRAD)

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About Us

Grassroots Rights Advocacy,GRAD,is a non-partisan,non-political NGO that believes in and pursues democracy and her principles world wide.GRAD is of the strong view that power belongs to the grassroots and therefore,changes come from local grassroots and at the minority levels.It advocates for human rights and civil liberties for all sexes,comprising of women,children,youths and universally.It advocates for non-violence,peace,conflict resolution,economic reforms and empowerment,political party development for free and fair elections,grassroots education, and networking for non-profit organisations.

In the pursuit of these missions, GRAD has positioned itself as a resource center for the purpose of sharing with and making basic and helpful materials/information on democracy/human rights and civil liberties available to NGOs ,individuals ,organisations and groups globally.It serves very useful purpose as a link to various upcoming locally based NGOs,especially, in NIgeria, as well as resource center.

We welcome grants,contributions and donations to enable us carry out our activities.