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About Us

Community Enterprises, Inc.


The mission of Community Enterprises, Inc. is to support self-determination for individuals with disabilities and/or other challenges to actively live, learn, and work in the community.

Further, we believe:

All of our services will be offered in the least restrictive setting and manner possible, encouraging natural community connections.

Our advocacy will help the individuals we serve to better exercise their rights to live and work in the community.

All of our organization’s services will be financially viable and cost effective.

All or our service locations will embrace a “Best Practices” approach and work together to replicate the many successful and insightful service practices we use.

Innovation will be the cornerstone of our service delivery system, and each staff person will be challenged to continuously find better ways to support the individuals we serve.

Our organization will continue in its efforts to advance the field of rehabilitation.

Our organization will continue to promote the inclusion of individuals with disabilities and/or challenges through active recruitment for Board Membership, and agency employment opportunities.

Individuals with disabilities are an essential resource for our country’s future. The numerous talents, insights, perspectives, and contributions that each individual with a disability has to offer needs a voice. They also need an organization that listens to that voice and acts on what is heard.