Winchester Youth Service Bureau

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480 Main St
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About Us

The Winchester Youth Service Bureau (WYSB) is a multi-town, youth serving agency. A branch of the Northwest YMCA, it is housed at the Winsted Branch at 480 Main Street.

The bureau serves high risk and at-risk youth and their families, ages birth to 18. Referrals are received from many sources. Acting as first responders, the staff assesses the situation and then refers the family to an appropriate agency or serves the family itself. The agency’s role often becomes that of case manager.

WYSB clients have experienced challenges with succeeding in school, home and/or the community. These children manifest their issues in aggressive or withdrawn behaviors and low self-esteem. They tend to lash out at others or become withdrawn from and victimized by society (peers). If left unchecked, they gravitate to substance abuse, abusive behaviors, and poor study/work habits and eventually become a society drain on and its resources.

The goal of the bureau to help each child and family recognize the problem and find ways to succeed.