The Greater Good Coalition

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About Us

The primary public interest purpose of The Greater Good Coalition (GGC) is to help the American public better understand and change the policies that affect their lives by using whatever means necessary including, but not limited to, cell phones, internet tools, old fashioned door knocking (canvassing), fliers and petition campaigns that can result in the greatest good for the greatest in number (My definition of "Progressive"). These local, state and federal policies include, but are not limited to (includes all policies that affect the greater good), unemployment and jobs policy (international job killing trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA), tax policy, environmental policy, election fairness, election integrity, voter access, net neutrality, college debt forgiveness, consumer protection, affordable health care, big telecom/cable issues, the off-shoring of jobs and affordable and accessible public transit. As a general rule, we also support any policy that gets us closer to living like a citizen of France or Norway (as of 2010) and working to defeat any policy that gets us closer to the vast unemployment and misery of the majority population of Mexico (as of 2010) or some other Third World plutocracy. This primary purpose will be articulated by an online paper/website presence. ( initially but this might change! It will certainly be expanded.)