Prostate Cancer Awareness Project

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About Us

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCaAP) was formed for the following purposes:

a. To create a series of fundraising events that will generate funds for awareness of prostate cancer, and for the rehabilitation of prostate cancer survivors.

b. To create a system of sports/exercise-related activities to support the awareness, prevention and post-treatment physical rehabilitation of men suffering from prostate cancer.

c. To create a program similar to Fifty Plus Fitness, whereby the PCaAP recruits and trains volunteers to serve as “Prostate Cancer Awareness Ambassadors” to organize and manage regional and local fitness programs in support of the PCaAP’s objectives and purposes.

d. To serve as a knowledge aggregator about prostate cancer awareness, prevention and treatment.

e. To serve as a resource for local prostate cancer groups and individual survivors.

f. To serve as a vehicle for companies and foundations that wish to contribute funds or other resources related to prostate cancer awareness, prevention, and post-treatment rehabilitation.

g. And, to serve as a source of training and support to local prostate cancer action groups.