Hear the Hungry

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New York

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About Us

Hear the Hungry is a movement to redefine hunger through social action and media.

Providing food to those who are hungry can only do so much. Victims of hunger often have more far-reaching needs. By collecting audio and video testimonies, Hear the Hungry aims to put a human face on the issue of hunger and create social change through Compassion. Empowerment. Awareness.

Our Approach:

NYC and Los Angeles Rounds

Hear The Hungry collects stories, builds relationships, and provides the homeless with some of the most basic necessities through our primary outreach program, Hear The Hungry Rounds. The Rounds is a street outreach program to meet the homeless where they are. We distribute sandwiches and offer acts of compassion. Started in New York City, but now also present in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, volunteers visit the homeless every Tuesday night to help make their temporary living quarters a bit more livable.

Empowerment Days

One of our core values is Empowerment. Started in 2011 and now an annual event, we gather the individuals we have met on the streets and remind them how special they are. At our first event, we took three women from Penn Station out for a Girls Day, complete with makeovers and a lunch outing. We listened as they told us their stories and what led them to call Penn Station home.

Special Events

Hear the Hungry also works with Partner Organizations to host special events such as soup kitchens; job training and readiness sessions; as well as community benefits, where we showcase our testimonies and bring awareness of our mission and work.