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About Us

For 60 years, as Minnesota's Door to the World, the Minnesota International Center (MIC) has provided rich and varied opportunities for individuals from Minnesota and around the world to serve as citizen diplomats and to gain a deeper understanding of their place in the world community. Each of MIC's four program areas is designed to offer these connections to children and adults alike.

Though technological advances have increased the tools for communicating, MIC believes face-to-face exchanges remain the most powerful means to equip ourselves and our children with the knowledge, skills and experiences to:

  • connect and communicate across cultures on a personal level;
  • understand the impact of the world on our personal and professional lives;
  • comprehend the complexity of global issues;
  • nurture the next generation of international leaders, policy makers and workers

While other organizations address country-specific issues or advocate for a particular viewpoint, MIC, as a nonpartisan organization, strives to engage our entire community in discussions about key issues in the world and to identify and understand the impact of those issues on our local community.

Working with local, national and international partners, MIC creates conversations across cultures in communities and classrooms throughout Minnesota. We strive to inspire our community to understand global issues and cultures in an ever changing world by encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences among the people of Minnesota and visitors from around the world

Remember Minnesota International Center’s Door to the World is always open for you. Hope to meet you soon!