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About Us

Adat Ari El, the first Conservative Synagogue in the San Fernando Valley, is a vibrant, egalitarian shul that strives to create a warm, rich, multi-faceted Jewish Community. With our daily minyanim, Shabbat and holiday services, nursery, day and religious schools, an adult general and Judaic studies program, Adat Ari El has become, for many of our 800 families, a true “second home”.

Founded in 1938 by fifteen couples as the Valley Jewish Community Center, Adat Ari El is one of the largest and oldest Jewish institutions in the greater Los Angeles area. Our visionary pioneers of the “VJCC” recognized the need to serve the growing population of Jews settling in the San Fernando Valley. After a series of temporary homes – including a former “speakeasy” on Chandler Boulevard – Adat Ari El moved to its current, permanent location near the corner of Burbank and Laurel Canyon in 1949.

In 1972, the congregation officially acquired its Hebrew name, Adat Ari El, Congregation of the Lion of God, and we strive to live up to this connection to Jerusalem by supporting our members in many ways. We are a center of learning activity for toddlers, young children, teens, singles, couples and seniors. Our award winning schools, adult studies programs and Sisterhood have flourished through the generations, due in large measure to superb educators and administrators.

Adat Ari El has been blessed with a legacy of gifted Rabbis, cantors and devoted lay leaders, many of whom having set cultural precedent within the Conservative movement along the way. Women have been welcomed to the bema for over 50 years at Adat Ari El, and lay people are encouraged to share Torah commentary on Shabbat mornings through our Darshanim Program. Our vibrant social action and Israel support programs are role models for Jewish communities across the nation. Our alternative prayer services and minyamin, well known for their warmth and creativity, aim to encourage intellectual and spiritual growth and provide meaningful experiences for members of all ages and levels of Jewish knowledge, without sacrificing the traditional Jewish approach we value.

Of all Adat Ari El’s achievements, the most important is the most difficult to quantify. We are a Community of individuals and families who care for, and are devoted to each other. Our Congregation supports one another in times of celebration and sorrow and in every measure has become a home for those seeking a spiritual, intellectual and familial sanctuary.