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About Us

Hospice Advantage provides quality end-of-life care using an interdisciplinary approach that supports both patients and their families. In addition to nursing, social work and spiritual care services, one of our goals is to connect ther patients wtih a volunteer who is trained as part of the hospice team to provide non-medical assistance and companionship at this important time in a person's life. Our volunteers help to personalize, support and enhance the services that Hospice Advantage is able to offer.

Hospice Advantage relies on volunteers in many unique and important ways. Each volunteer brings something special to help fulfill our mission of providing exceptional hospice care - for some, it is his or her ability to be a comforting presence and a good listener; for others, it is sharing a specific skill or talent. We take pride in connecting our volunteers' ability and expertise to areas that will best serve our patients and famiies. Hospice Advantage volunteers provide our patients with a most valuable gift - themselves.

Hospice Advantage Mission Statement: We believe everyone deserves to live in comfort and dignity throughout thier lives. Hospice care helps ensure that those with a life-limiting illness live each day to its fullest; we do that by tending to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. All of us at Hospice Advantage believe stongly in our mission of helping patients and their families during this time. We're committed to providing the highest quality care that our patients and their families deserve.