Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester

  • NY


220 south bedford road

United States

About Us

A synagogue in the tradition of Reform Judaism, Temple Beth El is a community where prayer is engaging and participatory. We cherish spiritual depth, sacred and contemporary music, lifelong learning and social justice as paths to Jewish commitment. Temple Beth El is a home in which we celebrate our joys and share our sorrows. Temple Beth El welcomes all who wish to participate in Jewish life – singles, couples and families in all their forms. “The synagogue is a kehilah kedoshah– a sacred community. Like a sukkah, it is constructed of many different branches woven together: the young, the old, the rich and the poor, the married and the unmarried, single parents, grandparents, gays and heterosexuals, non-Jewish spouses. The broader the Sukkah’s reach, the more tightly its branches are woven, the stronger it stands. So, too, the synagogue: the greater variety of people welcomed within it, the closer they feel to one another, the stronger the temple stands.”Temple Beth El is a Reform Jewish congregation which constantly renews itself by embracing these eternal values:
Worship, Avodah:  At home and in our synagogue, worship and prayer offer connection to God. Jewish ritual, a source of spiritual uplift for individuals and for the congregation as a whole, sanctifies life’s joys and comforts us during life’s sorrows.
Torah Study, Talmud Torah:   Torah is the foundation of our tradition, and its teachings provide content and context for all that we do as individuals and as a congregation. Through study of our sacred texts, we discover how to fashion lives of Jewish meaning in an ever-changing world. We value formal and informal lifelong learning, at home and in our synagogue.
Social Justice, Tzedek: Our congregation pursues social justice, striving toward tikkun olam, repair of the world, through deeds of righteousness and loving-kindness. We provide opportunities for our members to act on our Jewish values, inspiring engagement in social action and social advocacy.
Community, Kehilah: We strive always to be a warm, welcoming, inclusive and responsive community, offering comfort, joy, friendship and support to our members. Equally important is our strong commitment to the larger community, both Jewish and non-Jewish, locally, nationally, around the world, and in Israel, linked to us through history and faith.

Our mission is to inspire our congregants’ Jewish engagement and to ensure a vibrant Jewish future by nurturing the next generation. We share a commitment to Reform Judaism and furthering individual and communal spiritual growth, while recognizing a range of personal philosophies, practices and needs.