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About Us

About Us

Great Lakes Handshake – Environmental Group’s inception was inspired by The Walk of The Water and the Anishinawbe First Nations sixty-six year old grandmother, Josephine Mandamin who walked the Great Lakes to raise awareness of the need to preserve the health of the Great Lakes for generations to come. Inspired by her strength and formed in response to the growing environmental concern surrounding the Great Lakes, Great Lakes Handshake was created to engage concerned citizens around Ontario’s Great Lakes basin to join in on the responsibility to preserve and protect the Great Lakes.


Great Lakes Handshake is a grassroots non-profit organization located in Ontario, Canada. Through large fundraising events, educational seminars and campaigns, our mission is to raise awareness and bridge the financial gap of what is needed to preserve and protect the health and wellness of the Great Lakes.

Goals of Our Mission

  • Encourage communities that benefit from the Great Lakes to take collective responsibility for the cleanup and preservation of the water supply by participating in the Great Lakes Handshake Event
  • Expand awareness of the environmental importance of protecting and preserving the Great Lakes now and for the health of future generations
  • Educate the public on ways to conserve water and minimize their water footprint

The Great Lakes Handshake is playing a leadership role in one of the most important public health and environmental movements of the 21st century.