Haircuts with Heart

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About Us

Services. Care. Respect.

Haircuts with Heart provides what on the surface may seem superficial, but what we know from research is that our services are much more than that and the effects go much deeper. Being touched, personal grooming and personal attention can provide a sense of well being which affects ones health, outlook, and outcome. We provide free beauty services to those in need such as the homeless, veterans, sexually exploited youth, men. women and children living in shelters. We've been told by the organizations we serve that our guests our lifted from a place of suffering to a place of self-worth, and civic engagement. Our guests feel unforgotten, they love their hair and are impressed with the quality of service.

These services are a foundational step and an essential role in the whole picture of healing and taking the next steps in their lives. Our events are extremely rewarding, fun and transformative. It is a privilege and an honor to serve our guests, and to witness these instantaneous and beautiful changes.