Ultimate Peace, Inc.

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Shelburne Falls, MA

United States

About Us

Mission: To unite youth from Arab Israeli, Palestinian, and Israeli Jewish communities, using the character-building, values-based sport of Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate) as its tool.

Vision: Thousands of youth who would never otherwise meet due to the conditions of the regional conflict will apply what they have learned in the program and become agents of positive change, working together to create a brighter future in the region.

Program Philosophy: The program takes place in a politically charged region, but political discussion and solution finding is deliberately avoided. The focus of the UP program is on providing a positive, educational, multicultural experience that is healthy, enriching, inspiring, and fun for youth. We hold the belief that the widespread changes in behavior we aspire to facilitate will require deep and enduring shifts in awareness. Consequently, our programs are designed to focus on altering mindsets and perceptions by providing shared experiences in which recreational enjoyment, personal reflection, culturing sharing, and experiential learning are emphasized and balanced.