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About Us

The Cure Constance Campaign ( is an organization originated out of a necessity to find options. Our Mission is to offer financial resources and support to persons with advanced stages of cancer; increasing their independence and allowing them the right to choose their health care protocol.

CureConstanceCampaign was established to help individuals overcome late stage cancers (stage III and IV). We are an organization with a face and a mission to lend support. Originating from a woman’s passion to protect her mother’s life, CureConstanceCampaign is seeking to offer encouragement, financial support and most importantly treatment options for persons with cancer.

There are many research-based organizations that already exist, and these companies are needed for the fight against cancer, However, there are hundreds of millions of people trying to find treatment on a day-to-day basis, and there is little to no financial support for those individuals. The high expenses and costs for treatment is unfathomable, and for those who want choices in care, the options are non-existent.